Template Manager Bungle

First off, when searching and wading through heaps of support articles, it’s not clear if it’s for Pro, or Cornerstone. This is the first thing that you, as support, should be focusing on.

Secondly, it’s clear that many people have very similar issues, yet you do not appear to do anything to remedy, or at least acknowledge, that there may just be a bit of a fire, given there’s plumes of smoke. My previous support ticket re mobile menus, is a case in point.

Thirdly, I pay for various licenses across the board (Cornerstone AND PRO), and have always enjoyed Cornerstone. Pro is promising, but there is still a lot left to do, and support/FAQ have left most of the scratching to the end user, causing heaps of frustration.

Instead of providing heaps and reams of reading material, that often bares no fruits for one’s labour, how about a few video tutorials. And here, I’m talking specifically about the way the Template Manager functions in Pro.

Other than the few items I can select from the template list, I am unable to use the rest of the templates made available, as well as the few I have downloaded (some nice headers / footers / content templates).

The documentation and support provided around this is convoluted and inadequate, and in need of a UX professional to rewrite.

If someone is willing to take a stab at explaining, in an abreviated fashion, how one uses these templates, I’d be most happy.

I’ve added two screengrabs, one showing the list of what I can add via the Load Template screen in Layout. The other showing the very long list (and there’s double that available) of actual templates I have downloaded/at my disposal. So, the question is, how do I get the templates in my long list, to appear in the Layout > Load Templates screen?

Still scratching my head as to why I’m paying for Pro -

Hey @warrenfab,

Thanks for your feedback. I’d like to start with your last concern which is:

You’re paying for Pro for the Header and Footer Builders. Here’s the introduction with a video. In summary, with the Header and Footer builders, you can build custom headers and footers and assign them globally or per page. You could not do that in X.


What you see in the Template Manager (the long list) are all the templates including header, content, footer and element presets.

What you see in the “Load Template screen” are only Content Templates. You can’t import a header and footer templates and into your content as a header template is only for the header builder and the footer template is for the footer builder. A Preset Template applies to individual elements.

The Template Manager provides you easy management of those templates. Loading them up is a different story. Please see our Template Manager documentation for more details. If you find it “convoluted and inadequate”, please explain what part you don’t understand in a separate thread and we’ll try to explain it further to you or maybe we could provide more screenshots. If you find our documentation “convoluted and inadequate”, our support team is here to help.


We do have video tutorials in some of our articles our Knowledge Base. Most of the Element Resources articles in there are video based. More videos might be added in the future.


We provide information of what’s coming up in our News Archive. Stated in our latest status report, there is a large update coming that will address most of the issues that have been reported.

This was also mentioned in our previous news articles.


Now to your first concern:

Cornerstone is integrated into Pro and it is the Content Builder part in Pro. If an article or thread is related to building content, it is applicable to Cornerstone and Pro (Content Builder).

As you now know that Pro has a Header and Footer builder, header and footer building articles are related to Pro.


If my answers does not help, please open a separate thread for each of your concern so we could focus on one topic at a time and avoid confusion as the thread goes longer.


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