Table & Grid Plugin for X

What table plugin would you recommend that works well with X. It’s Not for posts. It would be great if the plugin could import the table contents from a file.

What grid plugin would you recommend that works well with X. This is not for posts but for images with overlaying active text elements display in a grid like format.



  1. Xtheme has a builtin Table of Contents feature

  1. You can use either of this plugin.


Thanks for responding Paul. That’s not exactly what we’re looking for.

We’re looking at something like TablePress or Easy Table.

Does X work with these plugins?

Are there any other plugins like those that may be a better solution?

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Hi There,

Sorry, but we can not really provide a recommendation for 3rd party plugins. What can I advise is you try the top table plugins out there and see which one fits your needs.

You can also survey the FB X THEME user group on which table plugin they are using.


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