Tab on mobile are not working


The tabs shortcode are working on desktop, but on mobile (iPhone) the tabs are not changing !! Can you take a look ?

Thank a lot !

Hi there,

You are using an updated version of Cornerstone but your X installation is outdated which is causing an incompatibility issue.

Please update X as well in order to fix this issue.

You can find more info about supported versions here:

Hope this helps.

Working thank !

Is it possible to set automatic update for X theme ?

Hi there,

Yes, you can have the automatic updates for X and its bundled plugins when you validate you theme installation.

You can find more information about it here:

But please note that automatic updates does not mean that X and the plugins will automatically update themselves. It means that when a new update is released, you should be able to update them from your dashboard in few clicks without the need of manually updating any files.

Hope this helps.

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