Tab Element Not Functioning with Lightbox Selector - X Pro

The Tab Element doesn’t seem to be functioning with the lightbox selector.
I can see the tab data loaded, however, when clicking the tab it doesn’t become active.

This is the syntax I’m using:

[image class=“detail-01” src="/wp-content/uploads/products/01-solare-single-glazed/thumbs/01-STANDARD-TRACK-SINGLE-GLAZED-HEAD.jpg" link=“true” href="/wp-content/uploads/products/01-solare-single-glazed/jpg/01-STANDARD-TRACK-SINGLE-GLAZED-HEAD.jpg"]
[lightbox selector=".detail-01"]


pw: Avanti007

Click on the tab “Technical Details”

*have already disabled all plugins and tested. There are no plugin conflicts.

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! I have investigated your site and the tab element is not working because there is a JS error on the page ( I have created a test and you can check it here:

The tab element is working in the test page. In your page it is not working. I can see that the lightbox script is causing the issue which affects the tab element. Please try to remove your lightbox shortcode and test the page again. The lightbox may have a bug or conflict in Pro theme. I will be reporting this to our developers.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yes, the JS error on the page is a bug or conflict with the lightbox.
I’m aware that the tab element works fine without the lightbox.

So the tab element is not working as intended.
Unfortunately, the requirement I have is to use the lightbox within the tab element.

For now I will introduce a lightweight band-aid and adjust @ a later date when this is fixed in a future release.

Hi There,

If you insist on using envira gallery on this setup, please try downgrading to a plugin version compatible with the theme. See this: Then check again after.

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