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Hy there,
I have register my X Theme, and use now a child Theme.
I’d like to use Superflymenu extension, but unfortunatly, i can’t activate it, because it ask me always the purchase code.
Thank you for your help

Hi There,

Please follow this article to learn how to validate SuperFly.

Thank you

Thx for your quick answer. I’ve allready follow these instructions before my post. But, the purchase code area is still empty, and, after validation, i have always the same page…

Hi there,

Thanks for posting in.

Please try adding your first and last name, then your email as well as described in the provided article.

“On the activation screen you’ll need to enter your email and click on Save Changes entering your first name, last name and subscribing to Superfly’s email newsletters is entirely optional.”

But I’m not really sure about the issue you’re getting, does it prevent you from using the SuperFly? If yes, then please provide your site’s URL and login credentials in a secure note and I’ll check it too :slight_smile:


Thank you for the answer,
I will try and come back again if i need help.
Thx the X team !!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

It works !
Thank you !!

Glad to hear it!


Hi, I’m having the same issue with Superfly not working on mobile.
I’ve filled in my name and email address but don’t have an activation code.
What do I do?

Hi Phil,

If you have follow the article:

And you are still facing problems.

Please open a new thread explain your situation briefly and provide your admin credentials in a secure note.

Thank you!


I am having the same problem as above. I cannot activate Superfly because it asks for a purchase code, instead of saying “your copy of Superfly is validated with your X theme” as in the linked Extension - Superfly page.

I am using pro version 1.2.7 (my site auto-updated). When I click “install superfly” it installs superfly version 4.3.3. That said, I see that your last supported version of superfly is 4.3.2 as listed here

So I am guessing my issue is that I need to have the older version of Superfly for the plugin to work. But how can I obtain the older version? The Pro theme installs the newer version.

I also tried entering my name and email without entering the code, and clicking submit, but it did not result in Superfly activation.

Thank you,
Patrick Reed

Hi there,

The 4.3.3 and 4.3.2 are okay to use, please start a new thread and provide your login credentials in a secure note and we’ll be more happy to check it :slight_smile:

For security reason, you shouldn’t add your information to someone else thread :wink:


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