Suggestion: register cart "Apply Coupon" text to WooCommerce text domain

When using Wordpress in a language different than English, I always notice that one single string appears untranslated; the “Apply Coupon” button on the Cart page. Upon examining I noticed that this string is registered to the “x” text domain, whereas all other strings are registered as “woocommerce” and are therefore showing translations automatically.

Therefore, I was hoping you could adapt the cart template to register this string to the WooCommerce domain (the text “Apply coupon” is already available in this domain, albeit with a capitalization difference but that could be solved easily with a text-transform:capitalize;). This small change would save me a lot of work, as I currently need to translate this single string on every website I build. I can imagine a lot of users of X and Pro that build non-English websites have experienced this too.


Hello @Frimatek,

Thanks for writing in! Some of the keywords were present in the theme. This usually occur when the layout of WooCommerce were modified or integrated to the theme. When you create a site with other language, you will need to translate the X theme as well and not rely on the plugins automatic translation. You will have to translate the theme using the x.pot file. For more details regarding the proper translate of the X theme, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply! I’m aware of this way of translating the theme, it’s just that it’s this one string of WooCommerce that I feel like could be fixed. For most websites I build it’s the only string in X that I need to translate. Would save me (and probably several others) some work!

Hi @Frimatek,

Your feedback has been noted.


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