Suggested approach to display portfolio items in a section on a page


I would like to display my portfolio items in a section on another page - similar to the CLASSIC RECENT POSTS element but perhaps with more control over layout and navigation etc.

I am currently using a slider created with Revolution Slider (see the link in secure note) but it really impacts the page load time and does not perform well. So, I would like to build this using Theme X capabilities, and would like to achieve a result similar to this slider i.e. display one portfolio item at a time but allow user to navigate to others elegantly.

What approach do you recommend? Also, I would put my strong vote for having this as an Element of Theme X; many would benefit from it.


Hi Misha,

Thanks for writing in! The other alternative options that you can try is, using The Grid plugin and Essential Grid plugins.

Please refer to our documentation below for each plugin.


Thanks @mldarshana. I would put in a strong request for Theme creating a native Pro/X element for doing something like this. This is a a very often required functionality and will benefit many users.

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Hi Misha,

The Grid and Essential Grid extension are capable of doing it, it’s more sensible for this to be a separate plugin than an element because of a lot of controls needed.

Thank you for understanding,

Thanks @friech.

You’re welcome!
We’re glad @Friech were able to help you out.

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