Studio Gold Design

I’m using the Studio Gold design on my front page and am wondering what font is used for the header as it just says “Studio Gold Serif” as I would like to set it as a header default across the site as well as potentially on print materials as well.

Thank you!

Hi Margaret,

Thanks for reaching out.

May I know which site you’re referring? I’m not sure which Studio gold design is, it’s not part of our demos too and there is no Studio Fold Serif from google fonts.

I also checked your account sites and there is no Studio Gold font from any of them.


Studio Gold layout was in the new design cloud. I also looked in the Google fonts and thought that maybe I could find it through the settings once I downloaded it and that is where I see the “studio gold serif” font name.

Hello Margaret,

The font name is Studio Gold: Serif and Studio Gold: Sans Serif.
It is actually using “Abril Fatface” and “Lato”.

You can check this in the font manager. To know more about the Font Manager, please check this out:

Hope this helps. Kindly let us know.

Thank you very much. Yes, this is helpful. I was looking under the Typography options and in the content edits.

Thanks again.

You’re most welcome!

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