Studio gold colums not displaying correctly in Safari

I have a problem. I am designing a new site on . I used the studio gold template to start of with and it looks great in chrome, but the images does not display correctly in Safari or not at all or just a small slice of it, the problem is consistent through all the pages with slight variations. What could be causing this? And how could I fix it?

Hello Arielle,

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You have a very huge homepage. It is almost 11MB in page size with 139 server requests. It took me 5 seconds to load.
You can check it right here:

Anyway, which of the columns that is not showing? Can you point us to which section you are talking about? I am guessing it is the one with video backgrounds in it?

Please clarify. Thanks.

HI! Yes, it the video and the top image in most of the subpages; illustrations, prints, logo, films. However I created a folder in dropbox with a few screenshots that I drew on from the front page to show the difference from chrome to safari. It looks great in chrome. However though it looks great maybe it´s not worth all the loading time. Do you know what is causing the long loading time? Is it the photo galleries? or the videos inside the backgrounds? I didn´t really understand the feedback provided by the pingdom site. I don´t have any experience with entity tags. I compressed all the images in lightroom for optimal screen solution and size and the videos are just links from youtube.

Here´s a link to the dropbox with the screenshots

Hi Ariell,

Thanks for reaching out.

I can confirm it on my Safari, and it looks like because the column is empty. Could you try enabling the margin less option of the row where these columns are?

And please add at least gap element to that section where the background image is assigned.


Thanks that helped with the columns.
Great theme, I use it for most of my project due to its versatility and easy and speedy way of building my design just the way I want it.
However I’m not to good with this speed optimization and I realize that may be outside your scope of support but I’d like to improve the site speed, and I have already optimized the image sizes, do you have any articles in this forum that can help with that? That relate to this theme? Is there a plugin that can aid the speed of the site that is compatible with this theme? As a business that deliver a lot of heavy graphics and films it is a bit hard to show of a bulk of work without having a lot of images and having images that have decent resolution and size.

Hi Ariell,

Yes, we do have an article regarding speed optimization.

Please refer to the link below


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