Struggling with differnt Monitor Sizes 15inch and up ( Responsive Design)

I have two problem with responsive design.
First of all the hide function works perfectly for the mobile phone and PC view.
For the other three functions (ipad etc.) the hide function does not work, i really dont why.
My second problem is for larger pc monitors. I have created my page on a 15 inch monitor. If I look at the website on a 27, or 24, 21 inch monitor, it does not fit at all, the page just will not be adapted.
I want an proportional enlargement or reduction depending on the viewport, I do not know if I have to program this in css and html or maybe can set in the theme.

The two pictures should show my problem one ist taken with my laptop (15inch) the second with my PC Monitor (27inch)


Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for writing in, I want to check your site but its under maintenance mode. I believe that is because of the SITE MAX WIDTH (PX) that is set on Theme Options > Layout and Design, try setting that option to none or a greater value.

If that did not work, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Hi friech,
thanks for the quick response, unfortunately this does not change my problem.
Changing the maximum WIDTH or set it none does not improve anything,
quite the contrary it is getting worse.

I would therefore like to give you my login credentials so that you can look at the problem more closely, but unfortunately does not know how this process is running because I had not had such a problem yet.


Hey Nicolas,

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what you mean by:

Do you mean the process to post a Secure Note? If so, here it is:

If you can’t give us site access, please disable the under-construction mode so we could check your setup.


Hey Chrisitan,
Do you have any idea for my second problem :
The hide function works perfectly for the mobile phone and PC view.
For the other three functions (ipad etc.) the hide function does not work, i really dont why.


Hey Nicolas,

The second problem you described sounds like a bug with Google Chrome on certain device models. Would you mind sharing with us what device you’re using. Is it a laptop? If so, what model?

Would you also mind going to and then give us a screenshot of the Screen metrics.

I’m still replicating your design so I could the best advice. For now, I’d recommend that you crop the blank space in your image because not only it will slow your site down because of a large image file size, you also will need to setup a negative margin for the image.


My Pc is the HP 250 G6 Notebook PC.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Hey Nicolas,

It does look like the device-specific browser bug I’ve mentioned is happening on your end. Please try using Firefox for now.

Regarding the layout that you want to achieve, it requires multiple steps that would require a lot of time to write so please watch this screencast: Just pause and play the video to follow along or replicate the setup.

Hope that helps.

Hey Christian,
thanks for the help, my problem with the pictures is solved.
However, the hide function still does not work on ipad, etc. although I have changed the pc and the browser ( into firefox)


Hello Nicolas,

Which of the section you are trying to hide on the ipad? When I check your page, the section and the row is hidden for the smaller screens only. It seems that you have forgotten to select the tablet screens as well.

Please edit your page and modify your Hide During Breakpoint option again.

Hello RueNel

Of course I tried the hide function on all devices before I asked you.
The screenshots should show my problem.


Hello Nicolas,

I have logged in and edited your homepage. I could not replicate the issue.
The Hide During Breakpoint option is working on my end.

This could be a browser caching issue in your end. Please clear your browser cache or use private browsing mode and edit your homepage again.

Hey RueNel,

thanks for the help!


You are most welcome!

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