(Still) blinking elements on iOS 17

Hi! I am wondering if the issue with blinking elements on iOS 17, as discussed in detail in this thread Blinking elements on mobile is something you have looked at?

For detailed references, screenshots, descriptions etc, please see the thread I’m linking to above.

I just made the following updates:
iOS: 17.2
Wordpress: 6.4.2
Pro: 6.4.6

I can confirm that the blinking of elements when an animation has finished is still there. Hoping for a solution! Otherwise I’ll just have to remove all animations until you have solved it. It looks really bad on mobile. Please let me know.


Hey Markus,

We will get some feedback from @Charlie.


Hi! Yes, please just let me know so I can remove the animations if this will not be fixed soon. Think it’s better for conversions rates if the entire website does not blink on mobile : )

Hello. Yes I do see the text opacity flickering on your site from that thread. Animation positioning seems better from before for what’s it worth. We’ll have time to take another look after new years. Happy holidays!

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