Sticky Posts in Cornerstone


I’m currently building a homepage in Cornerstone. I’m using the element “Recent posts”. I’m displaying 5 posts, but I want the first post in the row to always be a Sticky Post. And the other 4 posts mustn’t show any sticky posts between them. I haven’t been able to accomplish this completely, as the “Ignore Sticky Posts” option still shows sticky posts, just in order of date instead of showing up first. I think I’m halfway by using 2 elements, the first one shows 1 post and had “Ignore Sticky Posts” disabled, and the second element shows 4 posts with “Ignore Sticky Posts” enabled.

Is there a way to instead of “ignoring” the sticky posts, to completely remove them from the recent posts element if I select “ignore sticky posts”?


Hey @macvink,

Regretfully, what you want to achieve would require modifying the Recent Post function. What I’d recommend instead is you use one of the grid plugins that is bundled in X as the have more display options. Please see the links below.


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