Sticky nav bar dissappear on scroll


When I resize the browser window and scroll up and down, the sticky nav becomes too small. How do I fix it?

Hello @Lobsterass,

Thanks for writing to us.

I checked your site it seems that you have added the custom JS code that is overriding the header builder height style.

I would suggest you please remove the custom JS code which is adding the custom height, I would recommend you to set the height from the header builder.

Hope it helps

I’m sorry, but I can’t find that code for my life. Could you specify where it is or perhaps login and show me?

Hello @Lobsterass,

We can’t seem to access your site. When viewing the address URL, this is what we see.

  • See the image in the secure note below.

Please double-check. Thanks.


Yeah, I don’t know why the host has made this temporary URL like this. I can access it in Firefox, can you?

Hello @Lobsterass,

There is something wring with your SSL which is why it is not displaying in Chrome or Edge. I can view it in Firefox after accepting the risk warning. This is what I am seeing which I cannot replicate the issue on my end.

If you want to stop the Bar from resizing, you can disable it by setting the Shrink option to just 1:

Kindly let us know how it goes.


Yeah, it’s just a temporary dev URL, that my host gave me.

I want the sticky nav to shrink. The way to reproduce it is to resize the browser window and scroll up and down. See how the green background of the sticky bar becomes smaller than the logo?

Hi @Lobsterass,

I have checked the header multiple times but didn’t find the problem you described here. The header shrank, but that is not smaller than the logo. The height has been calculated on the Shrink Amount specified.

Hope it helps.