Sticky Header acting weird on scroll up

Hey there,
I’m trying to create a mobile header wich shrinks the logo when scrolling down and I don’t quite understand the sticky function in that matter.

  1. I’ve set the bar to sticky
  2. I’ve set the trigger-offset to “10” - but I actually don’t even know what that means. Is that 10px?
    If not set it won’t do anything in the sense of shrinking anything, right?
  3. I’ve set the shrink amount to 0.65 (also not sure what the unit here is… - I’m guessing 1 is 100% 0 = 0%?)

Now when I scroll down the header stays on top and after (I guess) the trigger amount it slides in from the top.

What doesn’t happen: the logo doesn’t shrink. It only shrinks when I set the shrinking amount at about 0.5.
I honestly don’t understand what is happening there and why it doesn’t start to shrink at … let’s say 0.8, too.

Next problem is that when I scroll up the Header slides out of the screen and then back in …

Is there a way to have the logo shrink when scrolling down without any trigger-amount?
I just want to scroll down and then have the logo shrink and when I scroll back up it grows bigger.
I don’t want the header to slide in our out in any way.

I hope I could explain it correctly. I will post my login credentials in a secure postand maybe you can have a look?


Hello Phil,

Thanks for writing in!

1.) Yes, the trigger offset is in pixels.

2.) Shrink means that the actual height of the Bar element will be multiplied. For example, your Bar height is 350 pixels, as soon as you scroll and the bar becomes sticky, the new height will only be 175 pixels.

3.) As for the image, it automatically adjusts its height since you have selected “Scaling” in the Image element settings.

“Is there a way to have the logo shrink when scrolling down without any trigger-amount?”
This is only possible with custom JS coding. Be advised that this is beyond the scope of our support under our Support Policy. If you are unfamiliar with code and resolving potential conflicts, you may select our One service for further assistance.

Best Regards.

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