Sticky Hamburger Dropdown Menu that can show widgets?

Hello i have 2 questions:

  1. hello i am trying to figure out how to do a vertical sticky drop down menu that can show widgets of custom html embed codes
    can any one help me how to do that?
    i am sending a screenshot of how i want it to look, its graphic modified.

i am talking about hamburger dropdown menu


  1. how do i assign 2 top menus? i mean i already have a primary menu how to i add another primary menu that will show on the top?


Hi there,

None of the questions you asked can be done with X. You need to customize and add such a code yourself to do so. This is outside of our support scope as it is a customization process.

The second question can be easily achieved with Pro theme. But the first one will still need customization.

I suggest that you check the articles below about Pro to have an informed decision if you consider converting to Pro:

Please consider that Pro is not an upgrade of X, your content will work with no problem after conversion but for example, the Pro theme does not have the Demo Import functionality of the X.

Thank you.

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hi and thanks for your reply.

is it realy necessary to upgrade to pro just to have two top menus? i dont have the money for that

Hi There,

You can add HTML links to your top bar that function as a menu.

You can go to Theme Options > Header > Turn on Topbar content and add the following code and adjust according to your needs.

<a href="#holder">HOURS</a> | <a href="#holder">DIRECTIONS</a> | <a href="#holder">CONTACT</a>

Hope it helps

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