Sticky extension not working on Ubermenu


I am not a pro developer. On my web site, the sticky extension of Ubermenu is unfortunately not working. I deactivated all the third party extension, which may be interfering with the sticky function, but this did not solve the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the site:

Thanks in advance!

Hello Gunes,

Thanks for writing in!

As you have done the preliminary troubleshooting steps, please share website login details in secure note for us to take a closer look at the setup.


Thank you Prasant. Now you can find my login details in the secure note.

Hi Gunes,

Please consider that the addons of UberMenu are outside of our support scope. We do support the UberMenu itself but not the additional features that you add to the plugin. Having said that, I checked the case by changing the Theme from Pro to 2017 and tested the menu, and the Sticky Menu is still not working. This shows that there is no conflict with the UberMenu Sticky Addon and our theme, and there is a problem with your settings which you need to follow up with the UberMenu addon developer or wherever you purchased the addon.

This is not related directly to the answer, but as you are using the Pro theme, you can use the Pro Header Builder to implement the sticky functionality. The Bar element in the header builder does have the sticky option. For more information:

Thank you.

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