Start over with new stack?

Hi - I’d like to start over with a new demo stack - ethos 01. But I’m not getting the same look when I switch themes. What do I need to do?

Thank you!

Hello @ginafarr,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

  1. A possible issue that you may face with Ethos 1 stack is blog post might not be showing up on home page. You can fix that from X > Theme Options > Ethos > Blog Options either by disabling the Filtrable Index or removing the category id’s.
  2. I am also sharing the solution for header post slider as we do get questions related with header slider not showing up. Under X > Launch > Options > Ethos > Post Carousel > Display either you change the options to Random wherein post slider will display articles on random basis. The other options are Featured and Most commended. If you choose Featured, in that case you need to set couple of article are featured item. Most commented option will showcase articles having highest number of comments in a carousel format.


Hello Support,

I have the same issue the lady above has. I started with Ethos 3 and would like to move to Integrity 1. After selecting Int 1 and saving changes nothing happens… The pages stays looking like Ethos.

Please help


Hello @Jay_b,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to confirm, did you selected the the stacks from Theme Options > Stack or you imported the fresh demo contents from X > Validation > Demo Contents? In case of former it will just mimic the top level styling but the internal page kind of remains same. Whereas in former you get complete different stack layout.

I also request you to please create a new ticket for further communication as this ticket has been created by different user and most of times it creates confusion and thus slows done the response time.


Yikes… super confused now.

Switched to ethos 01, and removed the filterable option. Demo content is still not displaying correctly.

  1. The home page is not listed, so I can’t select to edit.

  2. None of the demo media is showing to help guide me, just text.

  3. The post carosel has only one post, and doesn’t show the demos, to help guide me.

Thank you!

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

1.) The homepage of Ethos 1 demo content or your homepage is not editable with Cornerstone or even with the default WordPress editor because you have opted to display the latest blog posts. This setting can be found in Settings > Reading > Your homepage displays. The layout is using the pre designed blog index layout and the contents were generated dynamically by Wordpress. If you want to create a static home page, please check out this codex:

2.) The demo images is not displaying. All of the featured images for example was replaced with this image: //
Did you changed the featured images or maybe a 3rd party plugin is replacing it.

3.) The post carousel is only displaying one item because there is only one featured post. You may change it to display random or the most commented post item. This setting can be found in X > Theme Options > Ethos > Post Carousel. If you prefer the featured post, you must make sure that you have at least six post items that were set as your feature post item. For more information about Ethos settings, please check it here:

If you may want to, we can reset your WP installation again and we can install Ethos 1 demo content for you.

Please let us know how it goes.

Yes, please reset my installation and install Ethos 1 demo content. This is my best bet at this point. Thank you!

Hello There,

I already have reset your WP install and installed the Ethos 1 demo. Please understand that Ethos 1 is a standard demo. When you import this demo, you will only get the Ethos 1 Theme Option settings and you’ll have placeholder images for the post and pages. This has been explained in detail in our knowledge base here:

If you want to import an exact copy, please check out our expanded demo contents.

Hope this helps.

I don’t see the homepage. And no placeholder images.


Hi @ginafarr,

I believe that you site is not working well due to some security settings of your hosting. Check our notes in the link below under HostGator Users

Let us know how it goes.


Called Gator to whitelist rule ID 1234234.


Can you install the demo content and pages for ethos 1, please?

Currently “sample page” is the front page and there are no images for placeholders.

Thank you!

Hi There @ginafarr,

Sorry for the confusion here. Our standard demos only includes front-page with image placeholder. If you want to try a full demo with inner pages, content and images, please try generating one of expanded demos.

Thanks for understanding.

But there is no front page.

Will you look at my site please? Tell me that this is correct?

Hi There,

I have set some of the settings under Theme Options -> Ethos, so that now you should see the post carousel on the top and the blog posts on your homepage.

Hope that helps.

Thank you, it does help! Lastly, can you tell me why sample images aren’t showing? Do you see any of the example images corresponding to demo blog posts showing up in the carousel? Or on the page?

Hi There,

You will have to set a featured image to your posts, so that it will display on the fronend. You just need to edit your posts and set your featured images as follows.

Then you will see it on the front-end as follows.

Hope that helps.

Yes, thank you kindly.

You’re most welcome.
Glad we were able to help you out.

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