Staging Site using SiteGround

I know that there is a known issue with staging sites when using X-theme and Siteground (per this discussion, but I’m looking to see if there are any updates. I haven’t found anything in the X-theme or SiteGround forum as too any improvements.

Has there been a better fix found? Has SiteGround updated their staging system?

I’m asking in SiteGround forums as well…

Hi there,

No, unfortunately, we do not have anything to add to whatever is stated in the article you mentioned. If we have more information or there is a change in their system we will report that in the same article.

Thank you.

Does the themeco hosting provide the same type of one click staging and sending live but without the current conflicts with siteground?

Hi there,

Yes, it does have staging in which you can switch from or live site. And it shouldn’t have any issues similar to SiteGround (URLs related).


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