Space between header and content

Hey everyone, I’ve got another question.

Currently using Pro (latest version) with the Icon stack and normally there would be a little bit of space between the header menu and through looking in the forum I found this CSS snippet:

.hentry .entry-wrap{
padding-top: 0;
padding-bottom: 0;

Now, this does exactly what I want it to do, but I don’t want to get rid of the space on all pages. I only want it to apply to the home page and not, for example the blog posts.
Any way to only apply this CSS snippet only at chosen pages and not global?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Shizuda,

Thanks for writing in.

To run only the CSS on a specific page, Use page ID class before the CSS. For example,

.home  .hentry .entry-wrap{
padding-top: 0;
padding-bottom: 0;


.pageid-1 .hentry .entry-wrap{
padding-top: 0;
padding-bottom: 0;

For more details on how to locate your post or page id, check the link below,

If still not helping, you can use your inspect element of your browser. Then you can see your page id in your body class of your page. For example,

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


Ah, that accomplished it, perfect.

Thanks a lot!

You’re most welcome.