Space below navbar

I’ve got a space below my navbar and above my revolution slider that I can’t get rid of. I’ve added the following code to the custom css:

.home .entry-wrap {
padding-top: 0;

Still no luck. Can you help?

Hello there,

May you use the following custom CSS code to remove the spacing below your navbar please?

You may apply this in Customize --> Custom --> Global CSS:

.page-id-1861 .entry-wrap{
  margin: -145px;

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi, Well now I seem to have a different problem. It’s happening as of yesterday evening to the page above and to another page

In both cases there is no preview in cornerstone and if I try to add elements to the sections they aren’t able to be dragged beyond the admin panel…? So weird.

In the Mallroca page the frontend is missing content and functions like opening up an accordion aren’t working. If I look in the sections in cornerstone nothing is showing up at all.

For the Greece page content in the frontend is showing up, with the exception of the slider that was at the top. But in cornerstone there is no content at all.

I’ve removed the code I added to the css yesterday, I can’t imagine that would cause these issues. I have not yet added the code you provided in your reply since, now I have a much bigger problem.

Please help.

Hello There,

I have inspected the page and it turns out that there is a JS error on the page. You have inserted an invalid line. Please have it updated and make use of this instead:

</script><script src="" type="text/javascript">

After this, you may test your page in Cornerstone again.

Oh great! Can you tell me, is this error on

Hi, I removed the JS error. Also the google map and video in case those were an issue. I’m afraid that didn’t fix anything though.

Hey! We found and open comment tag and all is well with cornerstone and my Mallorca page. However, I used your code snippet to address the space above my slider at the top of the Greece Teacher Training Page and I still have a large gap there. Any further suggestions?

Hi There,

Please click Edit Page and on Worpdress classic backend editor select: Blank No Container Header and Footer.

Let us know how it goes.

Thank you

I now have a much smaller gap between the menu and the slider.


The space below your menu is being cause by padding top of your section element.

Set padding top to zero

Though I would recommend you use the Slider Below Masthead instead of adding your slider inside a section.


Yay! Thank you so much!

You’re most welcome!

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