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I want to have social icons displayed to the left of the navbar. I know how to do it now by putting it in a widget area in the header, but to see the icons, you need to press the + button. I want them to be visible straight away like shown in the attached image.

My website is

Thanks a lot for any help,

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! You can head over to Appearance -> Customize -> Header section and then enable Topbar so that your social icons will appear in the header section.

Hope that helps.

Thank you but unfortunately, That’s not what I was looking for - I was hoping to get the social icons alongside the nav bar like in the picture, not above it in the topbar.

Any thouights?


Hi Jamie,

Since you are using PRO, on the header builder, based on your layout, you can divide the bar in two containers.

The first container you will add your menu. The second container you will add 4 social elements + a button.

In case you are using X not PRO you can add the html code of the social icons on your Appereance > Menus > Menu Item >Label.

Hope it helps

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