Smiley on the bottom

Hi guys,

I funnily see a “:)” on the bottom of the site, I really don’t know how this get there and how to erase it.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-30 um 09.40.37

Thanks for your help!

Kind regards,

Hey Michelle,

I’m sorry but I don’t see that smiley in your home page. If that only exist in a specific page, please provide the URL and if it can only be seen on a particular device, please provide details too.


Hi Michelle,

After two or three attempts we are able to see the issue you pointed out.
following code is being added to your site :

<img src=";j=1%3A3.7.2&amp;blog=19082149&amp;post=769&amp;tz=-4&amp;;;ref=&amp;rand=0.1583563662134111" id="wpstats" alt=":)">

And it’s due to the JetPack plugin you are using. You can go through this article to remove it.
Please perform a plugin conflict check as describe here :

Hope it helps.