Slow site

From time to time i experience that is extremely slow. It is extremely slow to visit but also to work with in admin.
I have tried to change theme to twenty seventeen and felt that the overall speed was improved.
Is there any way to measure/investigate why the site is being slow when running X.
I have several other X installations on other sites. These do not have the same problem.


Hey Tomas,

Your site has lots of images. Overall, your site weighs 5 MB and it took 10 minutes (technically not the perceived load time) to completely load.

When comparing to your other X sites or other sites built with other themes in general, You need to compare the content especially the image file sizes.

Web host performance is also an important factor. This is especially true when working with the builder because you’re not only dealing with your image’s size, back-end processes are also utilized.

For more tips regarding performance, please see our guide at


Hi. Ok. Thanks for the answer. So should i start by reducing the size of the images tjat are used on the webpage? If i have bigger images and files only uploaded but not used on the pages - will they also affect.
I also have a few movieclips on some webpages - but hopefully these arent loaded until pressed uppn.

Hello @TomasJarvling,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

  1. I suggest you to optimize the size of images and they play important role in page load time. For some relevant information, please take a look at following resource.
  2. If you have just uploaded the image and not using anywhere on the website then there won’t be any issue on the page load time.
  3. So, there is a method wherein you can load the videos on demand. Usually what happens is that videos are included when the page is loading and that effect the page load time. To learn more about on demand video load, please take a look at following resource.


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