Slow menu.php

Do you guys have any plans to fix this? No other page builder affect and cause these issues as yours do:

It’s very poor and you force users to disable cornerstone, I think you guys rather should look into the hooks and code you built into the menu. We have an extremely powerful server at AWS and the machine is not the issue here. The issue is how you built and the code you execute. Is the core development team aware and what is their plans and answers on this? it’s really killing the menu.php in WordPress. Make it impossible to work in.

When using the menu elements provided by Cornerstone you can set custom fields like secondary text and icons or images. This is all stored in WordPress post meta. You’re not using that feature anywhere so your site front end isn’t effected, but because it’s possible to assign the same menu in multiple places, the menu editor needs to check if you’ve set any of those custom properties.

Because your menu is rather large, it’s running too many queries (only when trying to edit a menu) and WordPress is aborting the request and showing a 404.
There are a few things you can do from here:

Deactivate Cornerstone temporarily every time you want to change your menu items.
Delete some menu items making the menu smaller. You’ll need to deactivate Cornerstone temporarily to do this.
Increase the memory limit on your server to see if this lets you work on larger menus.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for reaching out.

Are you referring to the Admin > Appearance > Menus and the menu is too slow to load and edit? I think yes since you mentioned menu.php.

Those custom fields are available in Appearance > Menus are Pro feature, it’s primarily made for Pro header builder and you can’t disable the cornerstone, and we don’t recommend disabling it either. I have an underpowered machine and none of these issues are occurring, so I’m not sure why it’s happening on your powerful server. This issue usually happen on Shared Hosting, are you on shared hosting? An example here It’s not actually too many connections, but the hosting only allow few connections hence triggering this issue as it reached the limit faster,

Any server should able to handle traffic from queries because it’s designed for that (except shared hosting), else, it’s badly configured where the database is not optimized itself.

Please remember that cornerstone and our theme only runs on top of Wordpress as the platform, and it only uses the functions provided by Wordpress. Our theme and cornerstone have no direct connection with the database as all are processed by Wordpress. If it’s poorly coded then the Wordpress itself is the culprit isn’t it? Because it’s all about Wordpress standard and it should be followed. I’m not saying there are no poorly coded plugins, there are many since they didn’t follow Wordpress’ standard.

Now, back to the performance subject, there can be two possible causes, the server-side issue, and the browser side issue. Both are triggered by a large number of menu items and it’s true, but it’s not a theme or cornerstone specific. Please try this, deactivate X or Pro theme, and cornerstone as well then try installing Ubermenu. Then add more menu items in Appearance > Menu while configuring it, you’ll notice that as the items growing, it’s getting slower at the same time. Try it on any plugin that alters and add features to Appearance > Menus, and it will be the same (like SuperFly). Those plugins have heavier feature than the custom fields like icon that came with Pro/Cornerstone and the builder is not even loading there, perhaps your hosting has just the very thin limit for allowed connections?

Again, I’m not seeing any connection issue on my machine but I could see it happen on menus with large amount of menu items regardless of the plugin (Ubermenu, SuperFly, and so on). You can try it too without the theme or any plugins, and it will be the same as long as you add too many menu items. This may help too,


Hi Rad,

I mentioned that we are on a powerful machine and even mentioned AWS which means no not shared. We have our own machine in the cloud with an extremely powerful stack and running redis object cache meaning this slow menu.php should not occur. And the issue is your theme/page builder since we never have an issue with this with other sites using other page builders.

We have even deployed a fresh server meaning 0 traffic and locked for troubleshooting and we saw the exact same thing. Then we create the same menu without your theme/builder and it works. So it surely something coming from your side. We do not use any other menu plugins using the native WordPress menu and your builder.

Get back to me when you have an answer from the core developer maybe the lead developer should answer this to give his perspective and solution to this. Since we are never able to edit the menu due to this.

There is nothing wrong with our machine it’s clean database and the machine is powerful without dropping the specific stats here. And as mentioned we checked everything even machine and the issue is on your side. Meaning either remove your theme and builder meaning redesign the whole site or never be able to update the menu.

And in this forum, I see a lot of people complaining about it but seems like you dont planning to sort this what so ever.

Hi Mike,

If my guest is correct, it’s javascript related issue as to why you can’t edit your menus. Your powerful server should able to handle that amount of connections and queries as my under powered hosting is able to. But, if it’s javascript related issue then it’s no longer server related issue, it’s just really slow once you reach a very large amount of menu items where device’s CPU are no longer to process it faster. Just imagine a sites full of popups, animations, and other javascript related processing, it gets slower regardless of server, it’s similar to that. May I know how much menu items you’re adding? As I said before, regardless of server, theme, builder, it can get slower once the menu items became larger and heavy.

I’m not dodging the issue, I was just curious how it’s happening on your powerful server yet works on standard Wordpress hosting. May I know more information on how to reproduce this and perhaps a video recording? More information could help us address this issue faster.

I was also curious how the builder affect the Appearance > Menus when the integration is just about icons while the coding standard is based on Wordpress. I’m curious as you do, and I like to see what’s really going on. Then I’ll add this to our issue tracker if I find something for further investigation especially with our developer.

And another similar issue here, but the cause is a browser extension. Though we’ll be more happy to find anything, I saw similar threads and most of it has no reply from the user so we’re not sure if it’s fixed or addressed. Which makes my guest right, it’s always related to the amount of menu items and the active features in it (like if there is Ubermenu or SuperFly features).


  1. Saw the issue with lastpass already tried not the issue.

  2. Maybe 40-60 items in the menu. Why? Since the responsiveness of your page builder is poor. And compared to other builders which give you responsive options for each view port you only allow me to hide widgets. While a navigation should automatically collapse to a hamburger based on <breakpoint px. Sorry I’m hard here but the responsiveness in pro page builder is very poor compared to the leading page builders on the markets. Hide something in css just hide frontend not hiding it in code. One of the biggest issue why we also moved to other page builders, many things you add now is 2years after the leading page builders

  3. I can tell the issue is not our server or my local computer. I guess the latest macbook pro with maximised CPU and RAM should be enough to handle it. Same as our AWS server that is so calm and stable I start to think it’s even sleeping when I look at the monitor graphs :slight_smile:

So the culprit I can it guess it or not your theme/builder. It’s many reasons why i don’t like the builder at all lately but things just adds up overtime.


Hi Mike,

I’m not sure if we’re on the same page, now you’re referring to responsiveness of the builder where it’s completely unrelated to menu.php. And builder’s responsiveness and breakpoints aren’t even related to database connections that was discussed, it’s only possible through CSS, and CSS is executed to viewer’s device and not within server. It’s just won’t add-up to what I was expecting about performance based on your already provided information.

Or perhaps you’re referring to multiple issues on this thread? And yes, 40 to 60 menu items are bit large and it’s unusual to have that crowded navigations. It’s been discussed here too, that alone is just Wordpress related, now it will be slower and slower once you introduced new features. It’s an on going optimization since technology evolves.

Have you tried implementing caches? It’s main purpose is to prevent re-execution of the code, and preventing execution should save a lot of resources within the server. That it’s if what you’re referring is still related to database connections and queries and hidden codes.

I’ll continue checking on my end to see what’s really going on, but I still don’t have no clue as to what I should look for. A set of procedures will be helpful. Server should have no connection with javascript and CSS where responsive layout is made of, and if there is any hidden codes then cache should help prevent it from re-execution, and even so, powerful server should have no issue re-executing those codes just like a regular WordPress hosting.


I included some extra feedback since the page builder becomes so old and outdated with all features yes. My bad but it’s just not supporting a proper responsive web and it’s 2019.

Just create a navigation with 50-60 items and see what face? Did you do so? It can be connected to wordpress core as well for sure. But this only happens when using your theme and page builder, not with others with the same size of navigation in menu.php :slight_smile:

What caching? re fun opcache and redis.

Hi @Incognito,

For the caching, you can try with the following plugins:

But I recommend you to use W3 Total Cache plugin, for more information please take a look at this:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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