Slow load of Portfolio page images

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A developer has used X Theme to create my site but says there’s nothing he can do about the slow load time of the images in the portfolio display (which on my site, is used in two different section). The two URLs are for a blog section and a real weddings section. I run all my images through tiny.png yet apparently the page sizes are huge. Can you tell me how to fix this issue so that they images load with no delay? Can you also tell me how to add the ‘filter by topic’ to the blog (wedding ideas, trends and tutorials) section?

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In the current situation there is a big image which shows small:

The version of the theme you are using is very old and we will not be able to give you proper support for that of an old codebase. You will need to backup your website completely and update the theme to version 5.2.5 and Cornerstone to 2.1.7.

In the version 5+ the thumbnail sizes uses the settings that you add in X > Launch > Options > Layout and Design and crop them accordingly.

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Ok, thanks - will update the theme and see if that helps

Let us know how it goes!


The theme’s been updated - is the[ load time any better]( I)? think the image sizes are still the same - can you tell me how to get them down?

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You updated X theme, but not the Cornerstone. Please update your Cornerstone to 2.1.7 to avoid incompatibility issue. You can do this by deactivating and deleting the Cornerstone from the Plugins list panel. And then navigating to X > Overview and X will automatically re-install the compatible/latest version of Cornerstone (2.1.7).

The site is a bit slow and yes those images is having a delay to load, this can be on how you optimize those images or it could be a server side issue. A caching plugin might help, but first please update the Cornerstone and other extensions.

Improving site performance


Thanks - I’ve updated Cornerstone and the other plugins now, although I am not being allowed to update Search & Filter Pro. The page load now seems even slower, and the filtering function on the venues page has stopped working: I am also now getting two of the same images appearing on any search results (the first one, always seems to appearing with a link sign, on hover):

How can these be rectified?

PS I save all my images as ‘save for web devices’, then run them through tinypng saving them as jpgs.

I see you’re using Photon from Jetpack by viewing where your images are being loaded.

Please disable Jetpack then test again.


I’ve disabled Jetpack, but the site load is still slow, and Search and Filter Pro still won’t allow me to update it. The error message is: Update Failed: Download failed. Unauthorized. Nothing seems to have change…

It looks like the issue then is the shear number of images loaded in your page. It loads fast when you only have few images being loaded from the filter. See

Regretfully, we can’t help any further with this because the issue is not theme related. And, a third party plugin (your filter plugin) is involved.

Thank you for understanding.

Sorry, I don’t understand - I thought as it was a portfolio page from X Theme that it would be able to accommodate lots of images. Even if I disable the filter plugin, the issue remains. It’s a painfully slow load.

Can you tell me how this page can load more quickly. In an earlier reply from X theme staff, they’d said:

‘In the version 5+ the thumbnail sizes uses the settings that you add in X > Launch > Options > Layout and Design and crop them accordingly’

I can’t find where, under Layout and Design, there’s an option to get featured images to crop down for the portfolio page load. Can you tell me where that is?

If you’d rather the filter setting was completely removed, can you tell me how to add X theme’s filter into the venues page (


Or is there a way to disable the delayed load so that images load immediately, as the do on the venues page?


“In the version 5+ the thumbnail sizes uses the settings that you add in X > Launch > Options > Layout and Design and crop them accordingly”

Sorry for the confusion, it means that the image are cropped automatically base on the settings set in Layout and Design

With regards to Xtheme filter is only available if you have set your page template as Layout Portfolio


I don’t have any cropping options in ‘layout and design’ in the customise section. (see attached). Please can you tell me how to get it so that my site load speed quickens.

I tried the portfolio setting on individual page settings, but it ends up showing nothing at all (see attached)…

Hi There,

Please provide your login credentials so we can take a closer look on your setup.

But regarding the number of images loaded it is not dependable on the theme the loading time but more of a server resource question, each of your image has around 300kb so they need all to be loaded at the same time.

I can see some different things on your page that are not really standard from X so please provide your credentials and we will check for you.


Thank you, can you tell me how to private message them to you?

Many thanks

Hi There,

Please check this KB for how to add secure note.


All I’ve found is, in order to open a secure note, I must open a thread. That’s all it says. Is this a thread? What is a thread? I’ve searched for that information too, but can’t find anything. Please tell me what a thread is and how to open a secure note so I can give you the login details. Thanks

Hi There,

Yes, that is a thread :slight_smile:

In case you cant post a secure note, on this thread only you can share your credentials, I just made your thread unlisted so just you and the support will be able to see it anyway.