Slow down WordPress

I’m facing the slowness issue on my WordPress so I did some test on new Azure Instance.

Step 1: Free WordPress
Server: Azure Windows NT
Plugins: Query Monitor
Query Monitor Load Time: 0.54s

Step 2: Free WordPress + X Theme Pro
Server: Azure Windows NT
Plugins: Query Monitor
Query Monitor Load Time: 6.28s

By simply install the X theme Pro, my whole WordPress including the admin panel becomes too slow. The same issue is with the production site.

Hello @LaneTerralever,

Usually, it’s hosting that will provide the resources or answer why your site is slow. The theme does not have any record of this. But maybe we can help you for with some tweaking of affected areas if it’s related to X theme or Pro. And for that we need a record or result from your host.

Would you also mind providing us with login credentials so we can take a closer look? To do this, you can make a post with the following info inside a secure note:

  • Wordpress URL
  • Username
  • Password

I created a totally new instance. The homepage with twentynineteen takes around 0.25s-0.30s and 17 database queries when I active the pro the homepage takes more than 2.50s and 162 database queries.

Hi @LaneTerralever,

Thank you for the credentials.
I can see what you mean. By default, it is expected that Pro has many queries compare to default wordpress themes. Pro has many settings and options available compare to twentynineteen. Although, on a good hosting and server, Pro should be ok. Make sure that you also have enough memory to run the site.

I know, I’m using the Azure dedicate server. The speed difference between PRO and other theme are big. I clone the exact copy of production site and you can see the difference. With PRO WordPress admin panel takes 4.6+ second and pages page takes 6.23+ second where with the other theme the time difference is quite noticeable.

The Homepage with PRO theme takes 6.6+ second and with the TwentyNinteen homepage takes only 2.4 second.

Hello @LaneTerralever,

You can improve your site’s performance by utilizing some of the suggested tips from this knowledge base article:

Hope this helps.

The cache plugin in already setup. I run the xdebug and the loadComponent() call taking 77% load time As soon as I deactivate the Pro theme, WordPress adminpanel and frontend start working fine

Hi Lane,

The TwentyNineteen theme has a minimal feature almost just a skeleton, it’s only normal for it to load near zero second. And as more features are added, it will become more complex which would require most of the resources and loading time hence you can’t actually compare a fully different theme to an almost empty theme. And you have only shown the percentage load of 77% which is normal, it’s even normal to get 100% of it because that only means you’re able to use 100% of resources alotted to your hosting plan. Example, there is no point of having a 1GB plan but you’re only restricted to 512mb.

And, you’re only monitoring it with Query monitor which only monitors the database requests bypassing the caches, it doesn’t measure the actual loading of your entire site including what’s already optimized.

But again, I’m not saying there is nothing wrong because even with the TwentyNineteen, it loads half a second on my installation.

I did some checking at the front and it loads about 1.88 seconds. Then I checked the admin (just the admin dashboard, plugins, and other admin pages) and it loads about 10 to 15 seconds, it’s the areas where the builder features are inactive but still loads that longer. Please note that the builder resources and features are only running once the builder is loaded so it shouldn’t affect any area of the admin. All database queries are handled by Wordpress and the theme only uses the functions and features provided by it. Any query optimization should be done between your Wordpress and host configuration, please check this

And this is a screenshot of the query monitor for slow query in the dashboard

And itself belongs to Wordpress transient’s query. And then below is for the plugins page

And they are still related to Wordpress transients and WP Rockets table.

And this for pages section

And still transient related issue and it makes the request slower, perhaps, Wordpress transient has issues with your hosting environment. The more the plugins, theme, and or active features, the more it has hard time handling the transients (internal cache of Wordpress).

Or do you mean the builder should load less than 2 seconds? Because that’s impossible depending on the amount of the content it needs to load. And it’s only normal for the builder to load around than 3-10seconds, or more.


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