Slider Revolution update broken button actions

I updated to Slider Revolution to Version and Pro to 2.4.6 and now my actions on my buttons aren’t doing anything. When I click the button, it doesn’t follow the link. I confirmed the action is filled out.

I had to delete the button and re-add it.

I also cleared the browser cache and WPEngine cache. Just annoying to have to rebuild all my buttons over again.

Hello @cardboardmain,

Thanks for writing in! I have inspected your site and I found out that you have minified the html, css and js files. Always remember that after every WP, theme or plugin updates, you will need to regenerate the minified html, css or js files so that the latest codes from the updates will be used and not the cached and minified version. I am not quite sure which plugin did you use. All I know is that FVM initials were in charge with the minification of the files.

Hope this helps. Kindly let us know.

FVM must be Fast Velocity Minify plugin. Is there a plugin you guys recommend for minification?


You can try w3 total cache

Make sure to exclude the theme’s js files from minification. Those files are already minified by default.

Please check link below for more info


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