Slider revolution requesting registration whereas it is bundle with x

Hi I hold a standard licence for x theme. After I installed the revolution slider from the x extensions page. It started prompting me for registration and showing as not activated, though I have activated the slider.
The above image is a screen shot of the issue I’m having. I have followed the only guide I found on the support forum to no avail.
I have removed and reinstalled it several times and have exhausted my options.
Please kindly help.

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! Since Rev Slider is bundled in X, there is no license code or simply means that activation is not necessary as we are the ones who will provide updates for this plugin. For further explanation on how we have integrated this plugin, please check out our knowledge base article:

Best Regards.

Thanks for your reply. However, my issue is not addressed. I already know that the slider comes bundled with the x theme, and also that the plugin should not request a separate registration. Unfortunately as you can see above, this is happening. So my question is, from your experience supporting x customers and as the builder of the product which I purchased, what specifically should I do to make the plugin stop requesting a separate registration? If there is nothing I should do, can you liaise with theme punch, the developers of Slider revolution and rectify the terms of your contract with them to avoid your customers having to experience this. I’m sure many other customers would have experienced this

Hi There,

Unfortunately, there is nothing to be done and the plugin developer choose to leave this option there to encourage people to purchase the plugin. The purchased version will include

1 - You will be able to download slider templates from inside the plugin, while on the version that comes bundled with X you will need to download from this link: and then import to the slider.

2- The purchased version offers direct ThemePunch support, while on the bundled version we will provide you support.

3- The purchased version will give you access to premium non-standard slider templates.

Besides that, regarding the slider functionalities, the plugin that comes bundled with X offers 100% the same functionality as the purchased version.

Hope it clarifies.