Slider Revolution not working in NonProfit Demo after update


After updating my x-theme and slider revolution plugin - I get an error page (just a white page saying "Record not found) for my entire site when the slider revolution plugin is activated. As soon as I deactivate the plugin, the site is fine.

Can you please assist me to get the slider working correctly so we can complete our site?

Thank you

Hey @jwareconsulting,

Did the slider work previously. In that case, please check the Slider Above Masthead setting. If your slider’s still set, we need to check what’s going on in the backend so we’ll need you to give us your site’s WordPress Login URL, username and password in a Secure Note


Thank you. I’ve created an admin login for you and shared it as a secure note

HI @jwareconsulting,

Thanks for providing the details. Did you have some sliders created in the Revolution Slider plugin? I tried to activate the plugin but I am not seeing any. I have deactivated the plugin again.

If you do not have any created, simply edit the the Homepage in the wordpress admin section and save it without changing anything. Once done, you should be able to see the site even if Rev Slider is activated.

Hope this helps.

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