Slider Revolution gibberish

Hi there

I want to update my slider revolution design but something seems to be wrong.

Kindly let me know what the problem is

Hello @bakrona,

I have logged in and check your site. I could not replicate the issue on my browser. All I am seeing is this:

By the way, you cannot update to the latest version of the plugin yet because the supported and available version is up to 6.2.22 at the moment. We are still testing for incompatibilities and conflicts between the plugin and the theme. Once we are done, it will be available in your Automatic Updates.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for checking.

How do you reccomend to proceed with this? Are you saying to wait for the next update of X before being able to edit slider rev?

Hey @bakrona,

If you’re referring to the broken layout in Slider Revolution’s backend, that’s only on your end or most probably just your browser. I could say that because it’s fine on my end too.

Please try clearing your browser’s cache and also test in incognito mode and other browsers. If the issue persists, it’s probably on your computer or your connection to your server. For that, you need to consult with a local IT specialist in your area.

Regarding the Slider Revolution update, yes, you need to wait for the latest version to be released.

Thank you for understanding.

I opened in a different browser and it was ok. problem solved, thank you for your help

You’re welcome, @bakrona.

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