Slider Revolution and Essential Grid say they need to be registered


This might be a balls up by me. I installed these 2 plugin’s by going to the plugin menu and selecting add plugin, and navigated to the unziped x-theme download and selected the 2 zip files for these plugin’s. Both plugins installed no problem. Everytime I try to use either of these plugins I am told I need to activate before I can use.

After I did some more reading, I discovered on the X->Valudation menu is an option to install the plugins.

So I went to the wordpress plugin menu, deactivated and deleted the 2 plugins. Then went to the x->Validation and installed and activated the 2 plugins from there with no errors.

It is still giving me a message I need to activate these 2 plugins! I uninstalled the 2 plugin’s, cleared the cache, and reinstalled. Same error.

Any idea how to correct this?

Hey There,

You do not need to activate those plugins as you’re receiving automatic updates via our X validation. The validation of the single plugins would only be required if you would want to receive updates straight from the plugin author which in your case is not required. You can disregard that message and use both plugins. Some plugins may make certain features only available if you purchase the plugin from them directly. These features are bonus in nature (for example, template demos in Revolution Slider) and do not prevent you from using the tool itself.

Hi Thanks for your reply.

I’m a bit confused. If I go to Essential Grid and pick any template at all, I get this

I am unable to get past this screen to do anything. Are these templates considered a bonus?

With slider Revolution

Whenever I pick a template, I get a similar message as above, asking me to register the plugin.

Or are templates also a bonus feature with this package too?

Hello Jeff,

Please be informed that the templates are exclusively available if you have purchased a separate plugin license and register it. For the bundled plugins, you cannot install the templates. This policy has been made by the creators of the plugin which is ThemePunch and we do not have any control over this policy.

Thank you for your understanding.

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