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Hi guys
I have built a slider and I have a issue with the play symbol appearing when you move your cursor around, do you away of forcing that not to appear. I am not sure if it is related to teh layres above it. The movie is set to loop in Vimeo.

Hi There,

It seems you have added the video as layer. If you don’t want to show the play button, please add it as background instead. Check the following article for guidance. Adding it as background means there’s no user control like play or pause button.

Hope this helps.

Hi guys
Have a look now, definitely better with the video as a background element you still get a pause icon at the beginning of video after the loop How do I loose the icon

Hi there,

I suggest that you check this article:

That is an official documentation of the Revolution Slider which is talking exactly about the same case you are experiencing.

But I think it is talking about the first way you added the Video and not the background way. Please test the solution for both cases.

Thank you.

Thanks guys will give it a go and report back

You’re welcome.

Hi guys
added the 3 parcels of code suggested and there was no change. I discovered by placing a transparent layer between video layer and objects layer I was able to eliminate the pause button appearing what I thought was random but it was the movement of the cursor that was reacting with the video layer.

Hi There,

Let’s try adding the Slider as Slider Settings: Below Masthead instead. This means you need to set your slider’s background to transparent and add your video URL to the Slider Settings: Below Masthead’s background video option. You need to have the direct video URL.


Hi guys
Thats worked, yippee, got the videos hosted and working via CDN. So I have a small thing to fix is the black background on loading, is there a way to make that white and thats now done with some custom css, cheers


I checked and it seems you already figured it out.

I can see the following code in your site

/*  home page slider  */{
  background-color: #ffffff

Please let us know if you still needs help on this.


Yes sorry, I figured it out thanks for your support on all this

You are welcome:)

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