Slider Element (Stacked) does not display correctly

I’m using standalone Cornerstone with a third-party theme (not my first choice) and am having trouble with the Slider Element. I appreciate your help!

Please see:

If you scroll down the page, you’ll see an out of the box Cornerstone Slider Element dropped into the page. The slides, as you can see, are stacked on top of each other, as opposed to the correct view where you see only one slide at a time. I’ve got the element working on another site running X Pro, so I’m thinking there is a Javascript or CSS conflict with the third-party theme’s code. Here’s a screenshot.

Hello @instyletech,

Thanks for writing in! This seems to be in conflict with a plugin or a code somewhere. Can you please do the following:

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Best Regards.

Hi @ruenel. Thanks for the reply.

With developer console, I went through and tested all CSS classes and applied CSS styling that may be causing this issue, and was unable to fix it.

I’ve also tested with all your recommendations above and cannot fix it. I’ve added a secure note with login creds. Thank you!

Hello @instyletech,

I have looked around and I found out that this JS code is causing an error in the console.

var goBtn = document.getElementById("goBtn");
var monthlymenu = document.getElementById("monthly-menu");

goBtn.onclick = function() {
  window.location = monthlymenu.value;

var goBtn2 = document.getElementById("goBtn2");
var yearlymenu = document.getElementById("yearly-menu");

goBtn2.onclick = function() {
  window.location = yearlymenu.value;

I could not find it anywhere though. Where did you have inserted this code? Can you please remove this code for the moment while we are troubleshooting? Also, it is best that you create a staging site so that we can disable all of the plugins one by one to figure out why this issue is happening. Perhaps this article will help if you are not familiar with staging sites:

Best Regards.

Hi @ruenel, I answered this question in my other topic. This is JS I’ve added to Cornerstone Global JS, that disappears from Global JS, but is still applied to the site. It’s a strange bug.

Hi @instyletech,

If you have already deleted the above code but it still causing the issue, then it might be the Server Level Cache is the reason behind your issue. I would suggest you contact your hosting provider to purge all the server-level cache. If that does not help, please create a staging server and share the credentials for further investigation.


Hi @tristup, I’ve cleared the server cache several times during my troubleshooting process. I have created a staging site (per my other thread) and reattached the credentials here.

Hey @instyletech,

We’re sorry for the back and forth conversation. I saw you’re using the Standalone Cornerstone so I tried to replicate the issue in my test site and it’s the same so this looks like a bug in the Standalone Cornerstone.

What we can do is post this case in our issue tracker so it will be queued to be investigated by our development team.

Regretfully, there is no workaround for this so you can’t use the Slider elements.

Please stay tuned for updates and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi @christian, I saw you answered my other post to downgrade to the previous version of Cornerstone Standalone. Were you able to replicate the “stacked slider” issue in the downgraded (6.0.8) version?

Hi @instyletech,

The Modern Slider or Slider element is released after the specified version. But as my colleague says that it has been found in the latest version and he reported that to our Issue Tracker.


Hi @tristup, I know you guys have a huge pile of things you’re working on, but have you made any progress on the slider issue? Are we closer to a new subversion with a patch? Thanks!

Hello @instyletech,

You may want to test the beta version. Kindly check out the Beta forum. If you want to become a beta tester, you might want to check this out:


Thanks, @ruenel

Hi @instyletech,

You are most welcome.

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