Slider button link scroll

Hi there, I have a slider set up, with a link to

So it scrolls down to the next blue section, but its scrolling a little too much, Id like the blue section to be flush under the nav bar. Possible?


Same thing here: (linked from the footer menu)

Hi @logoglo,

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  1., as I checked the link, it is working well. It is going the spot accordingly.

Not sure of that part. Would you mind creating an image or a guide.

Could not be able to find the menu of your footer where it is located.

You might want to check the link below:

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


Thanks, I managed to tweak most, but the footer menu, still scrolls a little too much to the sections.

Hello There,

Are you referring to the footer menu items? I have tested it and upon page loading, it does not perfect position to the section. As soon as the entire page has been loaded, it repositions to the correct section.

By the way, I also noticed that you have inserted an invalid html code. Please always keep in mind that you cannot nest a <p> tag inside a heading <hx> tag.

Please use this instead:

<span style="text-align: left;">Permissions Policy</span>

Hope this helps.

Thanks. But how do we solve the problem, I want it to go straight to the section, on the 1st load, not second.


To fix it, you can try adding the code below in Theme Options > JS

    var hash = location.hash.replace('#','');  
    if(hash != ''){      
        $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: ($('#'+hash).offset().top -80 )}, 500);

That didnt work, sorry, this just made those footer links scroll to the top of the page, not to the sections.

Hey @logoglo,

Sorry for the confusion. There is no work around for that but to make your site load faster. When you go to a page URL with hash like this, when the page opens it actually is in the top position but since the header is sticky, it needs to be offset. That offsetting requires a script and that script is loaded after elements in the page are loaded like @RueNel said. The offset script also is loaded once the theme detects there’s a sticky bar. You can’t disable the script, otherwise, nothing will offset the header and your section will get stuck at the top and the header will cover it.

If you don’t want this behavior, you must not use a sticky header. Or, try optimizing your site so it’ll load fast. Try following our Performance Guide. Just note that website optimization is not a part of our support. If you’re unsure how to follow our guide, you’ll need to consult with a professional website speed optimizer.

Thank you for understanding.

OK, thanks.

You’re welcome.