Slider Below Masthead Doesn't Show Up After Update

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Sharing below a small issue we are having with our website.

We were using “Slider Revolution” below the masthead of each page of our website. However, after updating Wordpress, X-theme, and Revolution slider, the slides don’t appear anymore (except on the main page). Can you help us to solve that, please? We highly appreciate your help.


Hello @CharlesOsterlund,

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Please be advised that the Slider Settings: Below Masthead is a page by page basis. At the moment, it is only enabled in your homepage. The rest of the pages were turn off. You will need to edit the respective pages and activate the option. To know more how you can add a slider below your masthead, please check this out:

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Hi RueNuel,

Thank you very much for your response.
Yeah, you’re right. But it’s activated and anyway it is not shown. That is why we think it’s weird.
Any other solution?

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Hello @CharlesOsterlund,

Would you mind providing us the url of your site with login credentials so we can take a closer look at your slider settings? This is to ensure that we can provide you with a tailored answer to your situation.

To do this, you can create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WordPress Admin username / password

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out:

Thank you.

Hi RueNuel,

Sure! Secure note created.

Hey @CharlesOsterlund,

Slider Revolution now needs that you load its libraries to the pages where a slider has been added via a function in the PHP page template which is the case in our themes if you use the Slider Above and Below Masthead option.

With that said, please follow the solution in this thread:

Hope that helps.

Perfect, Christian. It works, now. :wink:

We’re happy your sliders are working now.

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