Site taking a long time to load

My site is taking a long to time to load, even pages with mostly text. Website is

Also, have an animated gif on homepage that is not working.

Hi @CuspAssociation your site seems to load okay here from New Zealand.

It has the usual ‘overseas’ delay but the page size and loading time was on par with most of my sites. Perhaps something is conflicting on your end?

Another thing you can/should do once your site is fully set up is setting up caching. I like using w3 total cache.

  • setup wordfence or similar for security.

The URL to your gif is incorrect.
Current its:
Perhaps it should be:

PS: Not staff, just a happy theme user.

Hi @werner7,

You are correct and thank you for the help.


Your site loads at 2seconds for me which is fine. Although, you may still check this article for guidance: