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Good day.

I recently bought X-Theme… Built the new web site using a temp url from Godaddy… when site was ready, Godaddy added our old web-sites domain to the new site and. site was live…
When I was in production, site worked great and was fast even with it being heavy due to images. Now that the domain has been added, site is extremely slow and inconsistent in speed scores.
Range is 2.1s to above 30s.

Is there something I’m missing? can you please shed some light on this…
Thanks for your help

Hello Tim,

Thanks for reaching out. :slight_smile:

Adding URL won’t have an impact on the page load time. Upon testing the website on Pingdom, average load time is around 30 secs. I suggest you to take a look at following resource to optimize page load time.


I’ve already read this doc from an earlier post reply… thanks for sending anyway… I know web site performance is not affected with adding a domain name, but something has changed dramatically… I just need to find out what.

for adding gzip. tried adding the code, and same for adding end expires headers. each time, killed my site, had to change files in htaccess back…

Hi Tim,

Kindly note that website speedup and optimization is a separate area which is outside theme control and is also outside the scope of support.

For gzip, try contact your host and request to enable data compression.

You also need to optimize your images.


Thanks for the reply and info… I do have Gzip enabled and looking at using the expires headers as well, what are your thoughts on that… I understand this service is not intended on helping with web site optimization so the info is great… yes I do understand i can do some additional optimizing on images, but looking at the report you will see only one image needs the majority of help… the others will improve only by a small amount… for the most part the reports want a loosely compression and I’m using a lossless format… I don’t want to use a optimizer for images… I’ll format and load back to site.

The main reason I asked this forum question is the fact that I’m having speed issues once site when live… Have no idea why and can’t seem to get an answer for this one… I’ll plug away and let everyone know what i find as a helpful feed to all.

What is your thoughts on A2. considering moving to them or just getting a VPS from Godaddy?

Thanks for all

Hi Tim,

We don’t have official advice for A2 and VPS from Godaddy. Though here is the a comparison: I think it will depend on the kind of service you will get on each hosting.

Saw this when I check:
Avoid enormous network payloads Check this recommendation:
It’s fine if you don’t want to compress images using an optimizer and just optimize it yourself. As long as the image is optimize properly, it works.

Hope this helps.

To all at X-Theme

So I changed by hosting to a Business hosting plan, very similar to a VPS.
Optimized my pictures on main page ( will work on the other pages as well)
added Fastest Cache and Simple SSL plug-ins
Page size is 2.84mb.
Page speed is now 2.4s consistently… Before I was getting 5s-33s. all over the place on speed test

The biggest improvement was from changing hosting plans… Just an FYI to all those who are trying to make your web site faster.

Hi Tim,

Glad you sorted things out and thank you for sharing that information.


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