Site Search Code Modification

I am trying to find the location of the site search code that can be modified for using a 3rd party service to track website searches on our website.

I went in and modified the sitesearch.php but it didn’t seem to have any affect. Is there another place the search element code can be modified. I would like to track searches done by our header search box area at

Any help would be appreciated!

Hello @staceymarler,

Thanks for writing to us.

It seems that you are using the Cornerstone page builder element so it is not possible to customize the element since it is a core feature of the Cornerstone page builder. I would suggest you create a custom search element. I would suggest you contact a developer who can assist you with your concern. Please note that we don’t provide custom development support. It is out of the support scope.
In case if you have an idea about coding, please have a look at the doc to learn more about how to create a custom element in the Cornerstone page builder.

Thanks for understanding

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