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We have a site that is almost fully built, but when I went in to do some edits last week it was impossible due to page loading speed taking up to 5 minutes to load on both the back end and the front end (it’s worse on the front end). I made sure all updates were completed (xpro and plugins) and cleared all of the cache afterwards to make sure it wasn’t pulling anything old. I thought originally it was because the theme was not updated, but even after I updated it to the current version it is still extremely slow. I will note access to the site.


Hello @ancorakim,

I am sorry to hear that website is running slow after updating. I visited the link you have shared and I am getting following error message:

This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.
Search Google for nawbo memphis saucebuild admin

Can you please confirm the URL again?


Sure, the url should be

Hi @ancorakim,

The speed of the website is depending on many many factors and having the latest version of the theme is just a tiny percentage of the possible reasons.

Actually, there are professionals that are focusing on speed checking many aspects from the amount of the media to the server performance.

We as the theme support are not the ones to be able to help you on this matter. You can start your research here if you are interested in doing the checks yourself.

But we are recommending that you seek a help from a professional regarding this matter as they will use some tools to check and give you proper solutions.

Our theme is one of the most performant themes in the business and you can check that by testing the speed there.

Thank you.

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