Site Running Painfully Slowwwww

Hi there, I’ve recently redesigned our site using x theme. I only have 2 plug-ins: contact form 7 and cornerstone. deleted all large images and resized everything. I thought for-sure, it had to be hosting but called network solutions and they passed the buck back to my site. I’m at a loss and would love some suggestions.

Thank you in advance

Hi Ann,

Thanks for writing in! Website speedup and optimization is a separate area which is outside theme control. However we can provide some tools and resources which should help you to identify bottlenecks of your site.

The below are some tools that you can use to identify various issues on your site.

Beside those tools, we also have a detailed guide in our knowledge base section ( on how to increase the performance of your website. Please review the article and implement those recommendations as well.

Hope that helps.

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