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I am note sure if you can help my site has all of a sudden taken a nose dive in speed which i asked my host Krystal to look at as i am on their state of the art onyx platform.
They have advised the following :-

For some reason the homepage is still not being cached (headers are forbidding caching) which means it’s loading in 500-600ms, whereas this would be more like 50-100 if it was cached. The theme also loads hundreds (not exaggerating) of php files on every load which is obviously causing some loading issues. A plugin is likely setting cache-control headers to no-store no-cache, and a cache expiry date of 1981. Both of these will prevent caching.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi There @simonmphoto

Thanks for writing in! We have a separate guide on how to increase performance of your site ( You may go through the article and implement some of the recommendations and see if that helps.

Then you can use some of the tools like GTmetrix (, Google Insights ( and Google Lighthouse ( to further analyze your site and improve accordingly.

Hope that helps.

hi thanks i am not sure if you really read what i had put. I use a state of the art hosting provided by Krystal using NVMe ssd storage. It has been suggested by them that my site speed is being impered by the sheer amount of .php files the theme is loading and this has only started happening since the latest update.

So i thought i would bring it to your attention and hope for an answer to fix my problems.

Hey There,

I’ve taken a look at your site and everything loads properly and this is not theme related. The server seems to have an unusual long wait and resolve time which is most likely related to the hosting. There is no non cache statement at all so all files are cacheable in theory. Please reach out to your hosting provider so they take an additional look. We are happy to help you resolving this but we are limited due to the fact that we do not have hosting access nor do we know the specific software setup they are running for hosting.

Hi Ruban,

thanks for coming back to me my host are saying that it is loading hundreds of PHP Files which is what is slowing it all down i am my witts end now i don’t know what else to do. its affecting my business


Hi @simonmphoto,

Does that mean your host is limiting the loaded files? There should be no limit, even a plugin could have a thousand files and still works on most hosting. I recommend testing it with another host and compare its performance (by migrating a copy).

You could try All in one migration plugin for cloning and migrating, just export your site as a file and import it to the destination site (existing Wordpress installation is a must)

And are you on shared hosting? If yes, then that could be the reason and it will limit the usage since your site is sharing the same resources from other sites hosted on the same machine.


HI Rad,

I am not aware of them limiting the loaded files the service is have is

I am so confused about whats going on.

would someone be kind enough to have a good look around my site to see if there is anything strange going on


Hello @simonmphoto,

Your homepage has 1.4MB filesize and that there are only 63 request which load the page in 4.49 seconds.
You can check that information here:

You may improve the site performance by adding caching and other optimization tools and plugin.

Hi thanks for coming back to me my host have advised that there is a no cache statement in the header stopping the site for caching hence the all load speeds.

Can you see this any where?


Hi @simonmphoto,

I got almost the same result as Ruenel provided this time. The page size that I saw was 1.3mb, 66 requests, and loaded 4 seconds.

May I know from what part of your site is being slow? Maybe we’re just checking it differently.



Just to give you some idea of whats going on here the site use to load in 1.6 seconds according to gtmetrix and also what the water falls in the developers side of things in google said.

Then once the update was installed i was advised by my host after i queried an alarm on my7 site monitoring about loading speeds that there is something now in the header stopping the front page from caching and ever since then my site loading speed has been over 4 seconds .

i have also installed query monitor to try and see whats going on and i get this.

so any help would be useful all the caching is turned on i don’t understand what is going on

I have given you access to my wordpress with the user details in a private message

I ran your site again in Pingdom and your site loaded 5s for me. See

What’s taking so long is the wait time. It’s also mentioned by Rubin previously. This is server related and not the theme. I’m sorry but there is nothing we could do on our end though we understand that this is frustrating and we would love to help.

Maybe try to enable page caching in your caching plugin. Please note that this is not a professional caching setup advice. If that does not help, please contact the caching plugin support to learn why your site’s slow.

I’d also strongly recommend that you follow Rad’s suggestion to copy your site to other web hosts to do a performance comparison.


hey guys just for future reference we have found out what the problem was it was the stripe plugin

and also the ro marketing plugin

they were stopping the caching across the site.


Glad you’ve found the cause of the issue. And, thanks for sharing.

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