Site Going Slow


My site has been going extremely slow recently. It has nothing to do with caching etc, I have all those types of plugins. It happened after I changed my license over to another site but then moved it back to my original site.

I have updated the site to be the right one and unlinked then linked the code back but it’s still unusably slow.

This is on the backend too as well as the frontend, so caching wouldn’t make sense.

Any help would be amazing! Thank you

It goes unusable after 3-8 clicks. The first few it’ll load fast and then for the next 10-15m it’ll be unusable because it’s so slow. It won’t even load. And then it resets for a few pages after the 10-15m.


You may refer to the link below.

Hope that helps


Thanks - but this happened directly after moving the license then moving it back. It was 100% working fast before that and this is the only change I’ve made in months so it must be that, and it of course happened just after I moved it away - hence why I moved it back.

My hosting provider has said:
“it seems that your CSS file main.css is taking most of the load time as well (approximately 5s as well). I recommend choosing another theme or contacting the developer of your current theme.”

I have caching on the site and other plugins that do other stuff to speed it up, they’ve been there for months.

Do you’ve any ideas?

Along with any ideas you have, would I be able to convert to pro to see if that works any better but then being able to move back in case it doesn’t? I know you’re not supposed to be able to convert back (I’m able to move over for free), but as a solution to a problem, I believe it’s fair to test it out

Hi There,

Upon testing, I see that your site is unusually slow. I have tried to test it using an online tool ( but it throws an error (

First disable all the 3rd party plugins and see if you can analyze your site using GTmetrix, so that you can see their report and recommendations.

With regard to your other question, X is more lightweight than Pro. So that it’s better to resolve your issue without converting your license.



Ah thanks for that.

Yes, I’ve tried disabling all plugins and changing themes etc to no avail. It’ll work for 3-8 page clicks then go back to just not loading at all. Could the license change have anything to do with this? That’s the only change I made.

Is there anyway I can get an old version of the X theme to try that maybe?

Hi there,

The license does not have anything to do with the site being slow. On your latest response, you said you even changed the theme and the problem is there? If that is the case then it surely is not related even to our product.

As soon as you change the theme to another one the whole code base of themeco will go away and if you still have problems this is originated from other place and not the theme.

Please do check these steps one by one:

  1. Deactivate All 3rd Party Plugins
  2. Change the Theme from Child Theme to Parent Theme
  3. Change the Theme to Something other than X

Give us the result at the end of each step. Please kindly consider that you should not seek for problems within the X as if that was the case the forum here should’ve to explode regarding this huge problem. This is 100% a case related to your environment and you need to track it down.

I also see that there is a site which initiates some scripts that seem to be a malware:

Thank you.