Site broken since upgrade, tried everything

Hey @freedomdesign,

Apologies for the back and forth here, but please be specific with the issue. You said your site is broken, but all I can see are unset fonts.

In Theme Options > Typography set the Body and Content and Headings Font Family has been set. This need to be reset a few versions ago.


If that doesn’t help, kindly provide one specific issue. We’ll fix update issues one at a time. Also provide update login credentials. All you’ve provided in this thread don’t work.


Hi there,

Firstly, all the logins above should work, they work for me, and nothing has changed since this thread was opened.

Secondly, the site had crashed, and when it was restored it looked like this, so I had no idea there needed to be anything done with fonts. I’ll look into that now.

Is there a way to know what fonts were used in the past? Where were the old font settings?

Thanks again

I’m trying to change the fonts - starting with the top menu, but no matter what i do here (see screenshot) nothing changes (clearing cache, incognito browser etc).

I will attach new login details in a Secure Note here.

Please assist me to

    1. Find out what fonts were used in the past
    1. Work out how to change them back to what they used to be

Hey There,

The WP admin URL leads us to nowhere. Have you changed the URL? Please send it to us so we can log in.


I haven’t changed anything, and the link works fine for me in all private browsers etc

Hey @freedomdesign,

We cannot access your wp-admin page, it seems that there is some restriction to access the page. Please remove the restriction while we are checking on your website. (See secure note for more information)

On the other hand, based on the Wayback machine, the header font is set to Open Sans Condensed.

To change the font of your header text, go to Theme Options and locate the header, then find the Links tab.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the idea of using the Wayback machine to review fonts.

However, Open Sans Condensed is not an option. Open Sans is, but not “Open Sans Condensed”. Do I need to do something to enable it?

As for why you cannot see the site, and I can…I’m lost. There are no restrictions etc.

Hi @freedomdesign,

I am still redirected to the non-existing URL.

  • see the screenshot in the secure note.

By the way, there is no Open Sans Condensed in Google Fonts.


For the 404 page instead of the login page at that URL, could it be a Wordfence thing? It’s got me totally stumped…

Hello @freedomdesign,

If you have installed WordFence or any other plugin that changes the WP admin URL, temporarily deactivate it so that we can log in and check the site.

Thank You.

Hi there,

I don’t know if Wordfence does that, but I have disabled it.

The site is pretty much fixed now, but I would appreciate you trying to access the login page so I know for next time what is going on.

Thanks in advance

Hey @freedomdesign,

Please see the video in the secure note.


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