Single Woocommerce product image shows up at small tumbnail size

After several updates many of the single product images (but not all) shows up at small thumbnail size. It is not possible to fix this by changing image size in the Woocommerce setup (and execute the “Regenerate thumbnail-plugin”. Please help!

Hi There,

I can see the issue but then I cannot duplicate it on my site. Can you make sure first that you are using a compatible versions of woocommerce:

If you are using the correct version, please share credentials too in a secure note so we can investigate further.

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Hi Lely, and thank you for your answer!

I have left you login info for the site and it’s ftp in the secure note. I really need to get this issue fixed…

Thanks again!

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! I have logged in and I found out that you are using Jetpack plugin’s Photon module. Please keep in mind that Photon module caches your images even if you already have regenerated your thumbnails. Please disable Photon module and see the difference in the images. It is also best if you review the pros and cons of using Photon module. You can check it here:

It is also better to note the changes in the product images with the recent changes in WooCommerce. Please check out this thread:

Hope this helps.

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