Sidebars not showing Taxonomies
This is a development site. I am not seeing taxonomies in the sidebars and have tried various suggestions from other forum queries. I use X Renew frequently and have multiple categories with sidebars and have never experienced this before. Can you please take a look?
The archive page is:

Hello Alison,

Thanks for writing to us.

It seems that you have set the archive page layout as “Fullwidth” from the theme option.

Please have a look at the given screenshot below.


I would suggest you go to the X—>Theme Option —>Layout and design —>Content Layout -->Set it as Content/Sidebar


Now go to the X—>Theme Option —>Archive —>Layout—>Global


Please make sure you have set the widget in the sidebar

Hope it helps

Hi Prakash,
Thanks but that does not solve the problem and it is ONLY on the Category Archive page that the sidebar does not appear. I need the sidebar on the left so I have set layout to Sidebar/Content.

The problem is that Taxonomies are not appearing in the Appearance/Sidebar, so I can not assign a widget to the Archive page.

Hello @alikat8,

It seems that you are using the older version of the X theme, It might be the issue of version compatibility just because the taxonomies are not listed on the sidebar settings page. I would suggest you update your theme to the latest version(8.3.3) of the theme as per our version compatibility page.

In case if you haven’t seen our theme doc please have a look at it to learn more about how to update the theme.

I would also suggest you please make sure you have a backup of the site database and files before updating it. I would also recommend, you must clear the cache so that the latest code renders properly.


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