Sidebar Won't Scroll in ICON Theme

Hi there,

The sidebar won’t scroll in the ICON theme. I have enough content in the sidebar so that scrolling should be activated. I’ve tried this on a laptop screen, as well as a larger 24" monitor, with the same result. Any suggestions?

Hello @colman75,
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I checked your website’s sidebar It is a sticky sidebar. The sidebar position is fixed since you are using the Icon stack just like here

Please have a look at the screenshot given below

You just need to edit the page and enable the Blank Template Sidebar option under Icon Page Settings
Please have a look at the screenshot for the setting.


Hi @PrakashS,

Thank you for your response. I found the Icon Page settings, but how do I get the sidebar to scroll? I’m confused…I have a number of widgets in my sidebar, but 80% of it cannot be viewed because you can’t scroll. All the reader sees on the sidebar is what’s above the fold?? I tried checking both “Yes” and “No” options from the Blank Template Sidebar. All that does (from what I can see) is add or remove the sidebar.

That separate sidebar scrollbar that you highlight above? I don’t have that anywhere.

Hi @colman75,

Would you mind providing a sample URL where we can test it? Perhaps there is a conflict that we need to check.


Sure! Here’s my homepage:

So, I know that the sidebar does not scroll with the main content, but my problem is that I can’t get it to scroll at all, even on its own. So, it stays stock in the “above the fold” position, and most content cannot be viewed ie. category/archives/comments widgets.

Hi Colman75.

I check your website and I can see that there’s a scroll on your sidebar area but it won’t allow us to scroll the content from top to bottom. Since we are going to override an inline CSS with !important tag, we need to add a little JS code to fix the issue. Please add this code to your X > Theme Options then JS.

jQuery('#top .x-sidebar').attr('style', 'height: 100% !important');

The code should work provided it’s copied completely. If that doesn’t work on your end, that means there’s an error with other custom codes you’ve added to your site. For that case, please consult with a 3rd party developer because providing custom code or custom development is outside the scope of our theme support.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.