Show License Code

I buy 5 license from you but I can see just only two in

I think that i can see just only the license with active support. Right?

How can I take purchase key code from my dashboard in wordpress? In Envato Market I see all license but I’m not able to join code vs website…


Hi There,

Thanks for writing in!

Can you please check this product validation process and how to add key to you dashboard.

If that doesn’t helps please revert back to us your purchase key in a secure note so that we can have a look.


I have validated already every website and everything work properly.
The “problem” is that I cannot see all site in your dashboard (my account) but just only two.


Hi There,

You suppose to see all your licenses on your apex page.

Is it possible they are assigned to a different account?

Could you provide your license numbers so we can verify?


I have just only one userID.
Or I know just only one…

the Item Purchase Code:

Hi there,

Please check the Secure Note. Thank you.

Oh… Maybe I have create a new account for error.

Hey there,

No problem, I have moved the license over to the other account as requested.

Have a great day!

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