Shortcodes to page template?

Hi Themeco support,

I have a page build with a old version of X and i would like to move it to a new install. The problem is when i open the old page i see only shortcodes starting with [cs_content][cs_section… Is there a way to move this to the latest version of X and make it editable in the builder?

Thanks, Menno

Hi Menno,

Is the page from another site or same site?

You can try saving it as a page template then download it from template manager. You can then import the template to the new install.

Please refer to the link below for your guide.

Hope that helps

Hi @paul.r

It was from the old global blocks plugin, it shows a text with shortcodes now. Can i paste this text somewhere in the new global blocks and convert it?


Hi Menno,

Yes, you may migrate all of the contents to the Global Blocks feature that comes with X.

Hope this helps.

@jade Thanks, but how do i migrate the contents? Where do i paste the contents?

Hi Menno,

Please follow this guide on how to use the X Global Blocks:

Hope this helps.

Hi @jade

I know how to use Global Blocks, but i have a large chunk of shortcodes here like this:

[cs_content]More shortcodes[/cs_content]

But this code is plain text now in my screen and not a page template… How can i switch from plain text with shortcodes to a working X template?

Thanks, Menno

Hi @mennobouma,

You mean convert your existing shortcodes to builder’s template? That’s not currently possible. The template is a set of data and shortcodes are just text content. You’ll have to re-create that within the builder and save it as template.


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