Shortcode not rendering in builder

I’m using the Forminator forms plugin ( and I’ve pasted a Forminator forms shortcode in a content element. There’s no visual indication of the form in the builder at all. It’s completely invisible, not even a placeholder to indicate something’s there. I think there should at least be some visual cue that there’s some content.

The form does display properly on the front end as expected.

I think the reason could be that certain 3rd party scripts are not loaded in the builders to prevent conflicts and such. But not showing anything at all isn’t good UX either.

Using the latest version of Pro. Can’t share a link because I’m working in a local dev environment.

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Even other plugins like Envira Gallery, Essential Grid, Revolution Slider, etc. needs proper integration to the builder to be displayed in the preview. So other plugins too but if it’s a standard form then it should display. And if it’s controlled by javascript (form or not) then it may not work especially if the script doesn’t follow the correct way of script enqueue (Wordpress standard). The builder will not able to capture those scripts and of course, won’t able to run it within the review.

The builder can’t predict it so there is no available workaround unless the plugin author will create a proper integration to the builder. I recommend contacting the plugin author about this issue too.


Thanks @Rad, the plugin doesn’t have a specific integration with the builder. I’ll bring this up with the devs.

Do you guys have any documentation for integrations/custom elements?

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You can check out these knowledge base articles:

Hope this helps.

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