Short codes for Integrity 7 demo

Can I get the Home page short codes for the Integrity 7 demo?

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for writing in, you can import demo under X > Validation > Demo Content

Setup - Demo Content

In case you already have started designing the site but you only want to have the layout of Integrity 7 demo, please see attachment, but this is not a shortcode though it is a template. Import it to the Template Manager and load it to your page.

Integrity 7 demo template

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So, I have to setup a new WordPress site and import the demo to get the short codes?

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Yes, that is right. That’s because the demo contents are editable on Cornerstone and not just manual shortcodes.

However, please note that if you import a new demo, your current Theme Options settings will get overwritten by the new demo you will import.

Do I need another X license key to setup a new WordPress site? I guess I need to setup a site just to install demo content on.

You can use your license to 1 Production domain and 1 Staging so you don’t need to buy a license for testing purposes. For more details, please see


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